Halloween Doors & More


October 14, 2023    
2:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Jacksonville Fair Grounds
510 Fairgrounds Place, Jacksonville, Florida`, 32202

A Gala of a Different Sort

Since 2005, Halloween Doors & More has dazzled kids and kids at heart with a fantasy land full of whimsical storybook characters, superheroes, live entertainment and family-friendly fun. Best of all, this “gala of a different sort” supports pediatric palliative and hospice care through Community PedsCare.

What to Expect

  • Trick or treat for toys at each 14-foot Fantasy Door
  • Meet magical costumed characters
  • Watch amazing performances in the Trick-or-Treat Theater
  • Visit the ‘Booutiful Salon’ for a Spooktacular make-over
  • Stop by the Grown-Up Grotto and Food Court to enjoy gourmet food and drinks

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Meet Dalton & Dawson

Community PedsCare is such an amazing organization. My family has been blessed by the services that are provided by the exceptional staff and volunteers. I am the proud mom of two beautiful sons Dalton and Dawson. My son Dalton was born at 28 weeks and two pounds three ounces. Dalton has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, nonverbal legally blind, and quadriplegic just to name a few. There are very few times that I’m able to bring Dalton somewhere that people don’t give him odd looks and stare. Some of the amazing services that are offered and provided by this organization helped to provide Dalton with a better quality of life as he has other kids just like him having a good time. Some of Dalton’s favorite activities were at the Halloween Doors and More, the Easter Egg Hunt, and Santa’s Village, and this year was the first time he got to participate at Diamond D Ranch. These activities enhance the quality of life for kids like my beautiful son Dalton because they get the opportunity to have fun with activities that are adapted and accommodate his needs.

Halloween Doors and More Meet Dawson and Dalton

The Halloween Doors and More is absolutely the best event! There is something fun for all of the kids meeting them where they are at. Dalton love music and there was a dance floor with party music! We danced with him in his wheelchair and he spent the entire day laughing and having fun. There were areas to care for him when he needed some quiet and there was an area to take care of him while providing him privacy and dignity. He LOVED having the Minions, Witches and Super Hero’s playing with him. To be able to go “Trick or Treating” and be able to receive gifts instead of candy was huge!! Dalton does not eat by mouth as he is 100% GTube was such an incredibly inclusive touch! It was the first time Dalton went Trick or Treating and received something that was for him! I cried when we went to the first “Door” and Dalton actually got a little prize and he loved it.

The Easter Egg Hunt! Knocked it out of the park again when a child in a wheelchair can roll through and pull balloons attached to filled eggs! He loved the green eggs because he could see them.

Santa’s Village – Super festive with the lights and music besides having the BEST Cocoa ever!! The Grinch was great and played with Dalton. The Witches revisited Dalton again for Christmas and sang him his favorite song Feliz Navidad.

Besides the organization acknowledging and providing services for Dalton they also incorporate and include his younger brother Dawson. My husband and I are blessed to become parents by means of adoption. We have had our sons for seven years now. When the boys came to us, they needed a lot of help. Many times, Dawson got lost in the shuffle with the massive amount of care that his brother Dalton needed. Over the past seven years, we have been able to navigate and accommodate to keep things balanced for both boys. This effort became a little bit easier when Dalton started receiving services with Community PedsCare. The Child Life Therapist Danielle has been absolutely amazing. She sees and inspires Dawson to step out and be more involved. Danielle has assisted Dawson in becoming an active member of the Teen Advisory Board and volunteering with a palliative care program for the kids. Dawson has become very proud of his involvement in contributions to the events he has been able to volunteer. Also when Danielle comes over to the house get to spend time with both of the boys she never ceases to amaze me how she incorporates fun things for both of them. Whether it is doing an arts and crafts project or teaching Dawson how to adapt a game of football to play with his brother. In August Dawson will be starting high school. Because of Dawson’s work on the Teen Advisory Board, he is trying to plan a fundraiser at his school to help contribute to the fun events provided for the children.

We have also received support from the nurses and social workers over the past year. They have been instrumental in providing information and direction when it came to installing my overhead lift to be able to support Dalton. They have also assisted with information and guidance when planning medical procedures and doctor’s appointments.

Recently Dalton has been receiving music therapy through the organization as well. Everyone that has met Dalton has discovered his passion for music. It tends to make him come alive. Watching Stephanie play her guitar and sing to him is simply one of the most wonderful things to watch. Additionally, her using different instruments and having him use them is amazing.

The work that is done at the community PEDs care truly does make a difference in the families’ lives. The program is not just about the child that has a challenge but it’s about the entire family. There is a lot to be said about this organization that makes families like mine feel ordinary! They celebrate each family in special and unique ways! They redefine and give new meaning to the word inclusive.

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